Winning At Life, Inspiring Life

At face value, what may appear to be superficial a high life of the internet famous, those encased in a fantasy as sold to us via social media, may in fact be an achievable and helpful reality. And it is the likes of such Casey Neistat, Tavi Gevinson, Louis Cole and Dan Mace, who are making the idealism, a realism. Are we putting aside coffee, yoga, emails and professional power, for filmmaking, travelling, change, and the occasional book-deal? Perhaps. And though we may not fall out of love with the likes of Arianna Huffington, Hillary Clinton and Oprah Winfrey, there is a new generation, for the new generation.

The dynamics of success change with growing opportunities, and it’s not all about money and power, but for happiness. It is the one thing that we all yearn to possess, and yet somehow, many still end up in the pitfalls of despair, with unnecessary overtime, perfectionism, and personal adversities coming in the way. Growing up in a society where education is not just necessary and easily available, but the extent at which education is available, is far greater than what one could have anticipated even twenty years ago. Though some believe that society often fuels a negative attitude towards a unique path through education, it is time that the millennials take their lives into their own hands, and become exactly who they want to become. This may sound like a poor version of a TED talk, and perhaps that’s because I’ve played Larry Smith’s ‘Why you will fail to have a great career’ more times than I can count. 

Some young souls scream for freelance work, or the desire to work unpaid for a phenomenally challenging, but rewarding experience. Others battle personal adversities, and must take their life through and around and even over a different path. Others may have revelations, whilst some live by impulse. Neither myself, nor my two closest friends, have taken so called ‘traditional’ paths.  Between us, we have studied, worked, travelled, challenged ourselves, challenged other people’s perceptions, and are on the hopeful road to becoming something other than what we once expected to be when we were five.

How often do we hear about the fascinating years spent interning and trying out a plethora of endeavours before one really conquers life? A lot. But how many times are we scared out of attempting to become something great? A lot. 

At the age of twelve, Tavi Gevinson came into the spotlight, and I, as someone now in her twenties, owns the Rookie books which started because of a now nineteen-year old Gevinson. Malala Yousafzai is now barely known for a tragedy, but for becoming the youngest-ever Nobel Prize laureate, for the great work that she is doing worldwide. These two very different, very powerful young women, and they may be seen like gleaming rare gems in a society of struggling youths, but in todays society, we are becoming ever-more able to lead lives of happiness, both for ourselves, and in the aid of others. 

More often than not, we wrap ourselves into a web of thought, over what we never achieved, or what we may never achieve. We look at the friend that spent a month in Paris working, the one that got a away, or the other friend that had the guts to travel alone. But it’s all relative.

Wife of Youtube phenomenon Casey Neistat, is exquisite jewellery designer Candice Pool of Finn Jewelry and sister brand Minor Obsessions. What is stated on her website within her bio is: 

With no formal jewelry training, she is proof that desire is a powerful motivator.  It was simply a love of all things jewelry that has brought her to where she is today. 

And yet, her jewellery is beautifully decadent, wearable and desirable. It may not be straight-foward. We know that barely anything is. However, all the fanciful words that one can conclude about living out our dreams, are becoming far more achievable than merely fanciful words. Casey Neistat himself, is also an example of a man with a dream, and the means to go about making that into a reality. Beme  is his most recent accolade, whilst his daily blogs have joined in the ranks of Youtube’s most watched. 

Is this not something we should all do? And aren’t the people of the great wide internet, doing something not achievable merely to a select few, but in fact, inspiring everyone to do exactly thatWhatever that may be?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. I watched the video and wow…….
    This guy hit the nail on the head.
    I’m currently in college going for a major I’m not crazy passionate about, but I haven’t pushed my passion aside either…. I guess I’m stuck in the middle!! Thanks for the post 🙂

    1. It’s a great video and I’m glad you have found it useful. I hope everything works well with your major and I hope you fulfil what you’re passionate about! 🙂 🙂

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