What To Wear Now | Stella McCartney AW15-16

In the thick of Autumn and the brilliance of Winter, what one truly desires, are the crunching leaves and snow kissed pavements scattered beneath our well-dressed feet. However, fashion is stealing the limelight of these great months.


A woman who possesses style, is a woman well-dressed. And there is little way that one can be poorly dressed by Stella McCartney’s hand. A tailored suit is brilliantly crafted and effortlessly relaxed at the same time. Billowing in the wind of dark months, are the silky high-waisted trousers and clean-cut flounces of dresses which seem delicate, but are robust in construction.

Off-the-shoulder pieces add a seductive touch. It is important for one not to overlook the importance of bare skin. The McCartney woman is draped in a floral crochet dress, which both hides and accentuates the female silhouette. Her trousers flare with a ruffle at the ankle and her waist is cinched in, and sometimes, panels are draped across her hips and layering is assembled upon the woman with craft and attention to detail.There is an element of precise and sophisticated patchwork; adding a whimsical touch, along with the encapsulating faux-fur pieces and sleeves so long you could tuck your freezing fingertips in, and regress into an oversized knitted-collar. 

A collection of contrasts which work synchronously with artistry and finesse. Asymmetrical and fanciful pieces are wearable. The McCartney woman is confident. But most importantly, the aesthetics are desirable and excellence is created where androgyny meets femininity.

Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear Stella McCartney - Photo| Style.com
Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear Stella McCartney – Photo| Style.com


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