Digital-ish Detox

In this digitally infused world, we often see two avenues. There is one which takes straight into the hold of technology, and the other that steers away completely. But what about those who fall through the cracks?

In taking a break from this blog, the first reason being that I were working on posts for other companies and working in my my personal body of work  outside of this blog, a small, if somewhat insignificant but enticing personal experiment began.   

I still fall for the printed word. The glossy text, or the worn down pages. What was once considered as the only form of ‘real journalism’, has bled into masses. Blogs, vlogs and start-up companies, are just a small number of ways that the ordinary, and often non-university educated community have been able to take to an outlet beyond traditional print, and get heard. 

Many have taken to such other outlets, at some point, have questioned the point at which, or at least if at any point, they may succumb to the personal deadlines or the banalities of posting at set times, often possibly for a very limited audience. It can also be seen, that the words which form your outlet can become careless. Even now, as I type, I know that somewhere this post is grammatically incorrect and I have no desire to proofread, as for this post, and this post only, I am careless- almost to prove a point.

There is a fine line between an opinion piece and a rant. There is a fine line between good writing and a good idea. The only point, if there is any point to this post at all, is to evaluate the reasons behind why we write for the outlets that we write for, and the reasons behind how we treat our writing. After all, the UCLA writing programme, two-year residency program at Iowa and any other relevant degree, masters, workshop or course, which holds its own credibility high, such as those mentioned and the many other worldwide, are of course running for a reason. My own choice to study such programs, and taking such workshops, is to solidify the legitimacy of my writing and expression. My WordPress, at far too many points than I wish to calculate, has fallen into the pitfalls of poor writing, rushed ideas, and ill-produced posts, whilst anything that I have done elsewhere, has been taken by a far different, and stronger approach. 

We sometimes feel obliged to tweet or blog, to a small following of three-hundred, whilst the leaders of millions speak infrequently but with body. Is this not the way in which we should be treating our creativity? Not with caution, but with respect for the draft itself. To not fall into the pitfalls of dullness masquerading itself as something more. 

My time away has been both good in establishing my work here, as well as giving me the time to work on my core body of work, but I have also come to the decision to post frequently, or barely, as long as the strength  remains core. As Fran Leibowitz said: 

“Very few people possess true artistic ability. It is therefore both unseemly and unproductive to irritate the situation by making an effort. If you have a burning, restless urge to write or paint, simply eat something sweet and the feeling will pass.”


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