Christmas Kindness

If you do anything worthwhile this year, make it something that is good for others. You have 33 days (and a few hours) to do something kind for someone who might need a little kindness, even if they don’t appear to need it.

All too easily, people have developed a facade to conceal their most delictae feelings. Mental health conditions, ptsd abuse, loneliness and bullying, are just an unfortunate selection of ways by which people live. They may not show it, and you many not realise it, but do something, even something tiny, to make a difference to somebody, or even a group of people. It could be as simple as helping a neighbour over the holidays, giving a donation to a charity, being there as support for someone, or whatever else you could possibly do, it’s surely not a sacrifice but a very good deed.

You may even just want to learn something new, and put it to the test, in the big wide world where you might become the one person who can make some sort of difference.



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