Collaboration Mastered: A Global Project

In the summer of 2016, Mastered created a new global enterprise: “Shoot your most ambitious editorial with a team of creative collaborators.” In collaboration with i-D magazine and the innovators of Mastered, creatives were encouraged to assemble teams to produce a single, or series of editorial(s) for the chance to be selected for publication in i-D. 

“…featuring some of our top industry experts (themselves frequent collaborators), because we believe that in a time of change, the ones who will succeed, will do it as a team. They will create their own tribe. They will rise together. It’s what our experts believe, it’s what we believe, and it’s what we’re going to help you to do. We believe that by being generous, sharing skills and knowledge and helping others on your way up, you’ll form the next generation of image-making talent, together.” – Mastered 

The program was part course, part live-project. An exciting endeavour taking place by various teams globally. Every step from each team needed to be shared via Instagram in order to participate including the concept, moodboards, plans and tips.  
Behind the scenes: Test Shoot 
Aside from the opportunities that came direct from MASTERED and i-D, every person involved in each team had the opportunity to be selected by various industry professionals for a variety of other creative jobs; this included the later briefs that were added to the program. Select members were also given the opportunity to be featured within the MASTERED directory. 
Our team
Art-Director // Creative Director // Stylist: Marianna Michael 
Photographer: Josh Redman, represented by agent Mark George (website)
Make up: Agata Porszke (website)
Models: Arianne Unity Hargrave // Kellianne Weale // Vanessa Ohenlen 


Our project  ‘SETTLED’
Based on a series of essay-based interviews that I had written as part of my body of work, this photo-story was created to explore ideas that were picked up throughout the interviews. Displacement, technology, modern virtues, current possibilities and conventional vs unconventional modes of living, were all part of this series.  
Production-phase tips:
•Keep momentum high. Problems arise, use them to your advantage and see what comes from it.
•Reflect often. Don’t loose sight.
•Talk. Talk. Talk. Message everyone. Keep them informed, but keep it jovial. Make sure everyone knows what’s going on. 
•Think outside the box and learn when to reign it in.
•Listen! Everyone has the same information, but everyone’s interpretations are different. See what each person can bring to the table. It could take your project from okay, to amazing.
•Prepare for what may not happen, because inevitabilities happen.
•Talk to the technical people about non-technical stuff. Everything has an effects upon everything. Colour, skin-tone and lighting can be friends or enemies.
•Prepare your toolkits. Think about ‘insignificant’ items that you probably don’t need, because you DO need them!
•Be prepared to lose members of the team. We lost a total of three crew members, two of which left days before the shoot-day.
Final Images:


FullSizeRender 2.jpg



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