The Things I did In The Year Of Turning 24

  1. I went to the cinema a lot, even if not for a blockbuster
  2. I gave Anime chance, and fell in love with it
  3. I went birdwatching
  4. I read books that I wouldn’t ordinarily pick up
  5. I took more creative chances in work
  6. I tried to loosen the controls I often feel I need in certain situations
  7. I started a diary
  8. I rejoined the gym
  9. I bought an external hard-drive and backed-up my laptop
  10. I went on an  incredible day out and refused to document it via photography or social media in any way
  11. I started dating (with no expectations), and I consequently got into a relationship
  12. I missed out on a free pre-screening of a film and chose not to let it affect me
  13. I wore more red lipstick
  14. I rejected a potentially great job- having weighed out the finer details first 
  15. I cleared out my room… several times
  16. I went to therapy
  17. I started to collect stories from my family
  18. I travelled to a new city
  19. I didn’t go to a family gathering because we can’t always, and shouldn’t always please everyone
  20. I took work-breaks
  21. I started going out for several walks per day
  22. I said yes more
  23. I cried when I needed too, even If I didn’t know what I was crying for
  24. I studied more
  25. I tried ending my need to justify my feelings/plans/thoughts/values
  26. I made regular playlists
  27. I spent more time in bed on weekend mornings 
  28. I finally opened my fancy pack of coffee
  29. I started visiting more places on my ‘bucket-list’
  30. I worked outside more
  31. Me and a friend had a Skype-date
  32. I sent more handwritten letters
  33. I enjoyed every minute of designer shopping … and bought nothing.
  34. I went out for dinner more
  35. I started to compare myself to people less

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