An Amalgamation of Thoughts Whilst Watching The Fate of the Furious

+Contains Spoilers 

9:30pm and Im sitting in the cinema’s coffee-shop waiting for our 10:50pm screening of The Fate of the Furious. I’m in great company and I live for film, but I’m not sure what to expect- we’re on the franchise’s eighth after all! 

  1. I’ve always wanted to visit Cuba. Look how beautiful it is!
  2. Oh thats why we’re here. I wonder who’ll win the race… Oh look! More Cuba! 
  3. Her heels look awfully uncomfortable but I guess she’s only there to start the race so I’m sure she’ll put her flip-flops on after 
  4. Inevitably, Toretto wins and a car is lost. Yet a friendship is gained. How sweet… (Something tells me this story will play out later at some point.)
  5. This Haka is quite something
  6. Someone’s broken down in the beautiful streets of Cuba. Thank goodness Toretto is nearby. 
  7. Is that Charlize Theron?
  8. I dont think I should trust her right now 
  9. Don’t join the Dark-side Torretto 
  10. I’m hearing exactly what Dwayne Johnson is saying, but all I can hear in my head is Maui singing ‘you’re welcome’
  11. Cars. Cars. Cars…
  12. Maui’s in prison! 
  13. Shaw and Luke’s ‘prison-banter’ deserves its own show 
  14. Yep, Toretto’s gone rogue! Do we just assume he has a plan? 
  15. Kurt Russell is funnier than I remember 
  16. Shaw and Luke reunited! 
  17. I’d work in a group like this – minus the potential threat if I’m honest 
  18. I thought my coding skills were good, you know, being able to do italics etc. But this is next level!
  19. Did I miss the part that explains why Cipher and co don’t react to the thing that’s making everyone else’s heads hurt?
  20. Hello Manhattan!
  21. Cars. Cars. Cars… and tank
  22. This is a suspicious van
  23. Hello Helen Miran. Will you be playing… Oh, a character from ‘Eastenders’. I think I like it… Oh I see where you’re going with this… 
  24. Damn she swears a lot for a Queen! 
  25. I highly doubt anyone’s really dead anymore 
  26. Part of me likes Rhodes and I don’t think that was the point of his character 
  27. If all this is happening in New York City, a) why isn’t there more panic, why are there no cops? b) surely more people would get hurt?! 
  28. Just give them the briefcase! 
  29. Toretto reminds me of The Terminator right now 
  30. Nice aeroplane but this wardrobe/gun-locker combo is slightly confusing/unrealistic 
  31. As is a family behind glass. On a plane. I’m trying to not work out the calculations to see if this works…  let’s say it does
  32. They’ve really gone for these Tyrese Gibson jokes! 
  33. I was hoping the submarine would look a little more like Steve Zissou’s
  34. Letty is badass! 
  35. Okay, this is all pretty over the top… it works and I like it 
  36. Boom!
  37. This part should be called ‘Tension On Ice’
  38. Great kid(s)!
  39. I’ve held baby car-seats and theyre not light. Especially when theres a child in it. I know you’re Jason Statham but seriously, how are you holding it like that? How are you running around and shooting and carrying a baby in car-seat  
  40. I see how they’re tying up lose ends here- clever 
  41. Nice rooftop – but who does it belong too?
  42. That was a good ending
  43. These credits are long
  44. I can easily stay to the end of the credits 
  45. It’s nearing 1:15am- tiredness is kicking in
  46. I’ll catch the credits next time 

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