Staying Silent Amidst Political Turmoil

It’s officially voting day here in the UK, not that many could miss the news of its onset. I’m posting this today because I’m not writing to change anyone’s mind, nor am I here to rant. I’m here to say that it’s okay to vote for whichever party you want. 

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My Facebook feed has become an extremely toxic playing ground for the past month. In a time where statuses are less frequent and seem irrelevant to many of us, most suddenly, I’ve witnessed my peers take to the status-box with vigour. Paragraphs. Finger-pointing. Persuasive language- the sort we learnt about at school when working on newspaper and magazine projects in English class.  

One of the best things I’ve watched all political season is Rosianna Halse Rojass Youtube video.  I couldn’t fathom better words than she has to talk about this year’s general election. But I will add to her points.

It’s important to vote. We live in a society where we are allowed to vote and have several easy ways to vote. That’s it for me telling you what to do. I won’t tell you how to tactically vote or why you should vote for who I’m voting for, but I’ll say this instead: 

  • Vote for the party that resonates with your needs. Vote for the party you trust. Vote for the party you want.
  • Not everyone gets their choice. You’re not stood in a booth to select the party that will be selected for you personally. Yes, really. It’s a competition; so bare in mind that not everyone will be happy so your vote should only count for you because at the end of the day, there’s only a percentage that you’re party will or will not win.
  • No one can make you feel inferior 
  • People have been gaining their knowledge from other Facebook posts, various news outlets and social media posts. Not everything they’ve been reading is correct, so not everything they say is correct. Do look at the facts. You’re entitled to weigh out your options. Use whatever information you can to become informed, being careful to some degree at what media you’re consuming.
  • Bare in mind your personal circumstances. Only you can make the decisions that suit your lifestyle and needs. 
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  • Voting for a party that others aren’t- even the masses, doesn’t make you any less worthy of anything.
  • All parties are a mixture of good and bad. Politics is a balancing act. One good thing sometimes means sacrificing another good thing. Something seemingly terrible, may be the only way to get something good. 
  • How does it really work? If a party promises unicorns, that’s great! But can they make it happen? They may say they can, but delve into the language they use. They may be making something out to be a promise, when really, it’s something they’ll strive to do, but in reality, it’s something that can’t be done. Or something that can be only be done if something else is sacrificed. This is important. 
  • You’re vote does make a difference. Equally, your vote does not make a difference to who you are. 

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